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Madden NFL 2010 Preview

Monday, 8 June 2009

Madden NFL 10

This Summer get ready for the title in the EA Madden franchise. Madden NFL 10 will be released on all platforms !

Simulation will be key to this years title, EA plans on scaling back the arcadey feel of past iterations. For example instead of the AI using the same plays, the new adaptive AI will allow the computer to adjust their style of play mid game to stop you in action. The AI will be able to follow the quarterbacks eyes to stop his passes. This awareness carries over to the offensive side as well. Quarterbacks physically turn their heads to their receivers. On top of all that you will be able to drag defenders, battle for loose balls and drag defenders as you push for first down yardage.

Madden NFL 10 Trailer:

There is only one thing football fans love more then, cold beer, super bowl chicken wings and NFL betting and that is Madden !

Madden NFL 10 Unique Wii Style:

EA sports games have the things true fanatics look for to make them feel closer to the real deal. If you enjoy sports betting, you can bet you friends that this title will be packed with the most details out of any football game on the shelf this year.

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