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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Teens herald the death of e-mail ?

A pair of 2007 studies conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project showed that teens are steadily drifting away from the old-fashioned medium.

While 92 percent of surveyed adults said they regularly used e-mail, only 16 percent of teens made it a part of daily life while text messaging (36 percent), instant messaging (29 percent) and social network site messaging (23 percent) gained in popularity.

As teens and 20-somethings and, increasingly, other generations, bypass their in-box in favor of other formats, is e-mail endangered?

"I don't see it as being phased out -- it's still important," Deng says. "(But) texting is simpler, you can just say 'what's up?' An e-mail should be of a more decent length."

Wing also uses LiveJournal to bypass formalities through blog posts and a comments section.

"We used to just yell at each other -- 'Why haven't you returned my call?' -- now my friends have blogs (and) we use them to catch up."

Don't worry, the behavioral shift isn't entirely generational. As e-mail in-boxes overflow with spam, cute-kitten photos, viral video links and all those newsletters you forgot signing up for, we're seeking faster ways to digitally interact.

Take Jim Schraith. The 50-year-old investor still uses e-mail, sure, but regularly augments it with other platforms.

"I use Skype for business communication (because) it's fairly immediate," he says.

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