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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Google Chrome: The new open source web browser - Is this the Google Web OS ?

Big leap froward in browser design. Not just multi-threaded but multi-process to maximize speed and stability for web based applications.

Tight integration with google gears for using web applications offline.

Based on the webkit rendering engine, same render that is used by the Linux KBrowser and Apple's Safari !

Javascript executes in multiple threads so one bad script can not lock the whole app. Crashes only end a single tab, not the whole app. Better memory management: by closing a tab you are killing a whole process and freeing it's memory for the OS.

Javscript executes in it's own virtual machine for added security and compiles rather than interprets code for improved performance. Much higher quality garbage collection than current VMs.

Browser has it's own process manager, separate from the OS, that shows the memory and CPU usage of each browser process. Easily see and kill problem processes.

All processes run in secure sandboxes. Page plugins (e.g. flash) run in their own processes separate from the page rendering process. Thus a plugin problem can not bring down the tab.

UI centred around tabs at the very top of the window and pointing up. Each tab is a mini browser itself with its own controls and address bar, independent of other tabs. Web apps can be launched in streamlined windows without browser controls.







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