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Monday, 30 March 2009

I-Plate boosts ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband connections by 60% in the UK by isolating the 'bell wire'

BT was quietly confident earlier this year when it told me that a £10 device would significantly increase the speed of many people’s broadband connections – and judging by our tests, it’s absolutely right.

The iPlate (or interstitial plate, as its mother would call it) has boosted the speed of my home ADSL connection by a staggering 63%. Before I connected the easy-to-install device over the weekend, the actual throughput of my ADSL Max connection was averaging around 1.9Mb/sec, according to repeated tests at Speedtest.net. Now, that same speed test is reporting an average download speed of 3.1Mb/sec. All for doing nothing more than spending 10 minutes undoing a couple of screws and popping the plate in my master phone socket.


Installing the BT I-Plate on an ADSL master socket:

Buy the I-Plate:


Phone Socket Identification Tool:


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