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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tonido P2P netwoking: Store locally and share globally - Win, Mac and Linux

Share data on drives plugged into any computer by installing the Tonido software (free 13MB download). Share data on drives without a computer using a Tonidoplug low power mini server ($99).

More secure and greater storage than web apps. Don't have to worry that the web app company may go out of business or lose or snoop on your sensitive data. Thus is a great alternative to web apps or complex/expensive servers for small businesses/workgroups with large files and security concerns.

Data is encrypted and moves P2P rather than via a central server. Much easier to setup and admin than windows or samba shares and works the same on all platforms (windows, mac and linux). Can also share files over the internet rather than just locally with windows/samba.

Rather than having one file server on the network (with one point of failure and having to do big uploads to share data) every machine and NAS on the network can be a P2P server. Just install the Tonido software on the machine and select what to share (add user login protection if you like or make public). Create webDAV folders so files can be edited in-place and accessed like a local drive. Give users their own logins and track their access.

Workgroup PIM data (e.g. calendars, files, tasks, contacts, chat, forum) can be stored locally, accessed offline and synced with other P2P users in the same 'workspace' when online: http://www.tonido.com/app_workspace_home.html

Tonido plus a drobo storage robot make a perfect match - large, fast, secure, protected local storage shared securely with anyone anywhere: http://www.drobo.com/

Drobo plus Toridoplug plus Tonido WebsharePro app = instant RAID file server (2TB limit at the moment) with user list and logins. Access files from a webpage on machines without Torido installed.

Why not use powerline networking to create a fast (200Mbps) secure network for your home or office: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5R9dBp1uag
Perfect for small office file sharing and home media sharing.

Unlike web apps Tonido gives you unlimited free private storage on your local hardware.

Share web apps (http://tonido.com/applications.html) and data with the cloud. Cross platform, easy to set up, low cost and open source. Local secure P2P backups and PIM/groupware apps

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