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Friday, 9 January 2009

Mixing Gen Y with big business

A changing Internet changes corporate America. Generation-Y professionals, a name typically referring to young employees between the ages 22 and 28, are bringing the work environment to a completely different level. Often mocked and criticized for their inability to stay still in their job and being looked down at for their confidence, which is often construed as cockiness, they also deliver a completely new and fresh perspective to a work environment as far as technology and innovation is concerned. Though it might not always seem like it, Gen-Y employees should be paid attention to for their bright, innovative concepts and ideas. Even not-so-Gen-Y companies like Intel have noticed that trend and recommend others to change.

We had an opportunity to chat with Intel representatives about the business impact of Gen-Y and their habits to frequently use social networking tools. If you are part of Gen-Y (what a terrible term, by the way) and you work in a large corporate structure with many hierarchy levels, then the actual results may not be surprising, but the reaction of those companies in fact may surprise you – in one way or the other.

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