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Friday, 2 January 2009

Will web 2.5 be a real time 'world wide talk show' powered by xmpp text/live video streams and accessed on tablet based netbooks and phones ?

Scoble talks about live web text and video streams:

RSS is just not real time enough any more ! Web 2.0 was about updates every half hour, will web 2.5 be about second to second updates ?

The problem is that our blogs don’t participate in the real-time web. They publish via RSS. RSS is not real time. RSS only publishes when a service like Google Reader asks for it. It has no way to wave its hand and tell your reader “hey, there’s something new here for you to get.” So, most RSS aggregators just visit on a regular basis, looking every few minutes to see whether something new has shown up.

For blogs that’s just fine. After all, most blogs take a few minutes to a few hours to write and it won’t kill you if you don’t read my words here for 20 minutes or longer.

But there’s a new expectation that we’re having thanks to Twitter. We want everything now in real time. I want to see everything that was published now and respond to it now and I want to have conversations about all that in real time.
This works on Twitter and friendfeed, which were built on real-time principles (er, messaging principles) rather than Web principles.


FriendFeed says ‘SUP to some new services:

Robert Scoble follows 5300 people on the web in real time using friendfeed's xmpp powered feed:

Hacking the old web to make it real time:

Real Time at Mahalo:
answers spy:
Live news blog, video stream and chat:

Twitter and XMPP: Drinking from The Fire Hose:

Twitter real time search:

Real time twitter trends:

Digg real time visual tools:

Leo Laporte talks to an XMPP developer:

Leo Laporte talks to Robert Scoble about the real time web:

Leo Laporte's xmpp 'river' on http://twit.im:

Seesmic gets a real time 'firehose' feed via xmpp/gnip:

Live web video channels:

Is this what the web 2.5 'tv screen' will look like ?

Previous posts on tablets and netbooks:

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Can Facebook go 'real time' without twitter?

Can Twitter grow to be as big as facebook?

Will Twitter, Friendfeed and Seesmic be the facebooks of web 2.5 ?

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