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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Want to Make Money in Second Life? It's Harder Than You Think

Making money by starting a business in the virtual world known as "Second Life" has been touted as an economic wave of the future.

But for the moment at least, pulling it off isn't exactly a reality.
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"Second Life" entrepreneurs looking to strike it rich or just make a few extra dollars face a daunting combination of both the traditional problems faced by any small business owner in the "first" world plus new challenges unique to the youthful, Internet-based economy of "Second Life."

These entrepreneurs sell everything from virtual clothes and virtual art to virtual house furniture and virtual tattoos. But stories like that of Anshe Chung -- "Second Life's" first real-life millionaire, who made her money selling land -- are rarities.

Only 145 people made more than $5,000 as "Second Life" entrepreneurs in July; 865 people made at least $1,000. With about 450,000 users logging on each month, such numbers mean that for all the press hype, only a very small fraction of the population is making any significant amount of money within the Second Life world.

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