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Friday, 17 August 2007

Zen Technologies is tapping into a worldwide thirst for military weapons simulators

Holding the AK-47 assault rifle against my shoulder, I aim and fire at the gunman running to attack me. The report of the rifle is deafening, and the recoil feels like getting kicked in the shoulder by a horse.

"That is fine," says my bunker partner, Ashok Atluri, chief executive of Zen Technologies, based in Hyderabad in southern India. "But generally users are trained to injure and not to kill." On the Zen Advanced Weapons Simulator screen, the man I have blown away lies crumpled in a heap.

This is no videogame. The modified AK-47 sounds and kicks just like the one I fired 16 years ago on a press junket with India's Eastern Air Command. But unlike on that occasion, when nobody explained why I missed my target -- a bottle of local cola called Thums Up -- the Zen simulator is both gun and instructor.

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Anonymous said...

The new venture of Zen Technologies...games.zentechnologies.com/sns which is an arcade game.

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