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Serious games (SGs) or persuasive games are computer and video games used as persuasion technology or educational technology. They can be similar to educational games, but are often intended for an audience outside of primary or secondary education. Serious games can be of any genre and many of them can be considered a kind of edutainment.

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Friday, 19 October 2007

How Accelerate Plans to Take Employee Training to the Next Virtual Level

Companies hiring thousands of employees a year face a serious problem: most of those employees aren't very productive for the first few months after being hired. They spend large amounts of time trying to find their way around the company, working out where the appropriate resources and departments are, and how to use the unique tool set. Accelerate thinks they've found an efficient solution to bringing new employees up to speed quickly using virtual worlds.

John Boring, CEO of Accelerate, sees the virtual world as a more engaging learning tool than a training video. Using a custom-built world resembling, for instance, the company's main campus, employees can explore the company and draw a mental picture of how everything fits together. "It's more compelling and interesting because they're immersed in it," he told me in interview.

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