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Serious games (SGs) or persuasive games are computer and video games used as persuasion technology or educational technology. They can be similar to educational games, but are often intended for an audience outside of primary or secondary education. Serious games can be of any genre and many of them can be considered a kind of edutainment.

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Friday, 13 July 2007

E3 07: Serious Games maintains a straight face

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Admist the (admittedly rather subdued) craziness of E3, which included free vodka shots, Wii Fit, and people wandering around dressed as roosters, one organisation was sitting quietly in the corner trying to be serious.

The Serious Games Initiative were those people, and it has been slowly getting more and more visible over the past few years, and is present at E3 to try to put out its messages that games can not only be fun, they can be useful too.

A variety of titles and companies were crammed into the Initiative's floor space at the E3. One of those, Persuasive Games had a variety of titles on show, including Presidential Pong, which caught GameSpot's attention back in June. The Atlanta-based company is not just a one-trick pony, however, and they had an array of other serious-message-but-fun-to-play titles on display.

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